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February 20, 2024

Wisconsin Joint Resolution Supports For Our Freedom Amendment

Wisconsin Joint Resolution Supports For Our Freedom Amendment

February 20, 2024
Published By American Promise

(Madison, WI) – American Promise today thanked the Wisconsin Legislature for its bipartisan leadership in taking an important step towards reclaiming the State’s right to limit the influence of elite wealthy interests from outside Wisconsin, which are drowning out the voices of its residents. 

More than a dozen leaders from both parties have signed onto a sponsorship memo for SJR 121, a joint resolution urging support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would provide states with authority to regulate campaign financing. It is now awaiting scheduling from the Senate Organization Committee and may soon be placed on the calendar for potential votes in both chambers.

“We are seeing the effects of this system every cycle,” says lead sponsor, Rep. Donna Rozar (R-Marshfield). “Elections continue to be nationalized with tens of millions of dollars flooding into our districts from all over the country – and even foreign sources – and shouting down the voices of our constituents.” 

There is overwhelming support for such an amendment among Wisconsin voters. Over 172 towns, cities, and counties have passed resolutions in support of the amendment, and recent polling demonstrates that 89.6% of Wisconsin voters feel that the influence of money in politics is a threat to Democracy.  Moreover, over 78% support this pathway for an amendment to restore state and federal legislatures’ role in limiting that influence. 

“The amount of money spent on Wisconsin elections by those who do not live in our state is deeply troubling. It subverts our values and trust, taking away rights that should naturally be self-evident as Americans. The hardworking people of Wisconsin are tired of being silenced by special interests. This resolution would give voice and self-reliance back to them.” Judy Nagel – De Pere resident.

“The 10th Amendment is pretty clear, those powers not expressly designated to the federal government are reserved to the respective states, or the people.” said Alan LaPolice, Wisconsin State Director for American Promise. “In my reading of the Constitution, the courts should not be determining campaign finance laws, rather it should be legislators. The process the WI Legislature is taking is vital to restore state and federal legislators’ sovereign right to ensure we have free and fair elections.”

After being proposed by Congress, the For Our Freedom Amendment would have to be ratified by state legislatures across the country. 22 states have already affirmed their support for such an amendment.

About American Promise 

American Promise is a cross-partisan organization committed to a singular vision: ratifying the For Our Freedom Amendment to empower the states and Congress to set reasonable limits on political spending, ensuring every American voice counts. Our mission has drawn support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike. Leaders from business, politics, academia, the military, and nonprofits are among our ranks, including former members of Congress and Supreme Court justices.

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