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We're protecting our elections from foreign money and special interests and pursuing freedom for all Americans.

"America, we have a big problem with big money."

Unlimited political spending gives greater political control to a handful of wealthy donors than to the American people. Watch this short video about the solution.

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A constitutional amendment? It's already happening. State by state, person by person, learn how we're doing it together.

Our Movement Will Strengthen Our Fundamental Values


America was founded on freedom. For Our Freedom, we will amend the constitution to combat corruption, end elite and foreign money control of our elections, and secure the free speech and representation of all Americans.


America was founded on equality. All are created equal, endowed with unalienable rights. When those with massive concentrated wealth can use that wealth to control elections, we do not have equal rights or representative self-government.


To keep the promise of freedom, Americans have always answered the call to serve. When big money donors turn elections into ugly and divisive two-party contests, Americans who would serve stay away, and neighbor is turned against neighbor.


Free people are creative people. Americans have always sought to solve problems and shape the future we want through new invention and innovation. However, corruption creates a top-heavy system that stifles innovation and creativity.


Let’s face it, Americans like to win. And a fair chance to compete benefits everyone. But not in our political system, where a few big donors call the shots.

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Who bankrolled Maine’s Most Expensive Senate Race Ever?
Hint: It's Not Mainers.

Big money in politics is a nationwide problem that affects us all. In our recent report, Under the Avalanche, American Promise investigates election spending in the state of Maine, where wealthy, out-of-state interests spent millions on disinformation, negative advertising and lies to influence the 2020 Senate race.