The American Promise Candidate Pledge is a volunteer-led effort to get candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to pledge on the record that they will use their office to advance the For Our Freedom Amendment to put people, not money, in charge of our political system.

For Voters

Check the database below to see which of your candidates and elected officials have signed the pledge. If you don’t see them, follow these steps to get them to sign!

  • Use our guide to help you reach out to your candidate or elected official. You’ll find specific resources for effective outreach to conservatives and effective outreach to liberals
  • Download and print the pledge
  • Provide your candidate or elected official with this fact sheet
  • Submit the signed pledge to American Promise via email to
  • Share your candidate or elected officials’ graphic to recognize them, raise awareness of the Pledge, and incentivize other candidates and elected officials to sign.
  • Our team will keep track of and report on who has and hasn’t signed the pledge. We’ll then work to turn those pledges into action and leadership for this Constitutional Amendment to get big money out of politics and empower all Americans.

For Candidates and Elected Officials

Polling shows that voters want candidates who will help fix our broken elections and return representation to the people, and we want to help spread the word that you are a reformer! Once you sign and return the pledge, we’ll create a promotable social media graphic for your use, and educate voters on your stance on the issue by promoting your signing via email, social media, and traditional media outlets.

For Partners

We have made it easy for your organization to utilize this Candidate Pledge program with customizable branding, a volunteer toolkit, and an open-source database to share information on which candidates and elected officials have taken the pledge. Reach out to Alan LaPolice, American Promise States Manager, at for more information. 

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Pledge Database

See all the candidates and office holders who have taken the pledge for the 28th Amendment, or those marked with * indicating the signing of Wolf-PAC's 28th Amendment Pledge. You can sort each column alphabetically by clicking the column header.

2021/22 Federal Candidates

2021/2022 Federal Candidates
Turner Nina OH US Representative 11 Pledged Candidate
Phillips Dean MN US Representative 3 Pledged Incumbent
Haaland Deb NM US Representative 1 Pledged Incumbent
Nadler Jerry NY US Representative 10 Pledged Incumbent
Mcgovern James MA US Representative 2 Pledged Incumbent
Beyer Don VA US Representative 8 Pledged Incumbent
Gabbard Tulsi HI US Representative 2 Pledged Incumbent
Klobuchar Amy MN US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Bennet Michael CO US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Sanders Bernie VT US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Warren Elizabeth MA US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Ryan Tim OH US Representative 13 Pledged Incumbent
Harris Kamala CA US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Gillibrand Kristen NY US Senator Pledged Incumbent
Connolly Gerry VA US Representative 11 Pledged Incumbent
Dingell Debbie MI US Representative 12 Pledged Incumbent
Kaptur Marcy OH US Representative 9 Pledged Incumbent
Kim Andrew NJ US Representative 3 Pledged Incumbent
Pappas Chris NH US Representative 1 Pledged Incumbent
Van Drew Jeff NJ US Representative 2 Pledged Incumbent
Khanna Ro CA US Representative 17 Pledged Incumbent
Coons Christopher DE US Senator Pledged Incumbent